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A dream wedding delivered by Vedna Essoo

The planning of a wedding is no simple task. Trying to do so from a distance, and on your own, may turn out to be a real challenge. But, if you enlist the services of Concierge Hotels and our privileged partner, Vedna Essoo, your wedding day will be the most wonderful day of your life. With Vedna Essoo, director of Marry-Go-Round, in charge, you will have nothing to worry about. She will take care of everything for your special day, from A to Z. For that, you simply need to send a request to Concierge Hotels and we shall put you in contact with Vedna Essoo and her team. For any request, please click here.

Vedna’s passion is to plan and prepare dream weddings, and, in order to be able to do so, she has surrounded herself with a team of professionals. Vedna believes that there is a secret to holding a wedding that will leave all guests speechless. One must: define an innovative and personalized theme, choose suppliers who will become partners rather than just third parties, establish a planning that is very strictly adhered to, and most importantly, the wedding day or days need to be built around the couple’s own wishes. Vedna and the Marry-Go-Round’s team therefore go well beyond administrative management. There will be no limit, except your budget. And even then, through her network, Vedna always manages to find the best prices so as to turn your dreams into reality. You now know what your next step needs to be… 

Plan your wedding in Mauritius from Europe with Sonia Bravard

“A wedding that reflects your own personality, your couple” 

It is more than trendy nowadays for French people to celebrate their wedding outside of France. Even though the choice is wide, Mauritius remains one of their favorite destinations. But then again, organizing a wedding thousands of kilometers from France can be complicated for those who have no contacts on site. This is why many couples opt for a hotel offering a “wedding package”. Well, what would you say if we told you that today you can benefit from the services of a “wedding planner” whose specialty is wedding planning in Mauritius and, icing on the cake, is based in France? Look no more: Concierge Hotels exclusive partner, WP Wedding Planner, has been offering for three years now its services to couples – French but also of other nationalities – wishing to marry in Mauritius. Sonia Bravard, founder of WP Wedding Planner, tells us a bit more about the different steps to follow for the organization of a wedding abroad. Sonia Bravard organizes for her clients a customized wedding, a wedding that reflects their personality, their couple. Whether you will be travelling alone or with a group of 50, she takes care of everything from A to Z: airfare, accommodations, wedding ceremony, reception, activities... Everything! Even though the organization will definitely not be the same, what’s a given is the fact that it will be a personalized event. Sonia travels to Mauritius if necessary but all the planning is done in/from France as she managed to secure partnerships with suppliers she completely trust. They know how to manage everything regardless of her presence. Whether for makeup, decoration, photos or administrative procedures for civil weddings, you name it, they know how to do it to perfection. For that, you simply need to send a request to Concierge Hotels and we shall put you in contact with Sonia Bravard and her team. For any request, please click here.