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VIP Kitesurf Coach - Lifestyle

JC Galey, your personal coach

Are extreme sports your thing? Have you tried kitesurfing? Not yet? Well, no need to wait any longer. Concierge Hotels has partnered with JC Galey, certified kitesurfing  instructor, and his school, Son of Kite, which is based in Mauritius. And, as a result tailor-made kitesurf packages are awaiting you. 

A little over six years ago, JC Galey, professional sportsman settles on the West coast of Mauritius, board in hand. His passion for kitesurfing dates back to 1998. Two years later, in 2000 it had also become his professional occupation. JC, who holds a “Brevet d’Etat Français” in kitesurfing, teaches nearly 365 days a year since the conditions at Le Morne are so ideal. This site is so special because, for a start, the wind is regular and strong. This spot beneficiates from all the wind directions. Added to that is the fact that the lagoon is not too deep. And since it is protected by the reefs, there are no waves.  

Son of Kite offers two types of packages. In the first type, which is available to all customers, classes are carried out in the lagoon – where the other kitesurfing schools also hold their courses. For these sessions. Son of Kite’s tariffs amount to 75 Euros for a private lesson, and 40 Euros for a group lesson. The other package available is, on the other hand, exclusive and made-to-measure. This is the package you want, the one you deserve and definitely the one you need to choose! Not only will the spot be yours and yours only, but so will your private instructor, JC Galey. And JC speaks French, English, German and Spanish! Prices for a three-hour session start at 390 Euros. 
Call Concierge Hotels to plan a personal training with our VIP Coach!

Whether this will be your first try at kitesurfing or whether you are already well versed in this sport, you may rely on Concierge Hotels and our privileged partner JC Galey from Son of Kite, to make sure that kitesurfing no longer holds any secret for you.